After Care

Wash your new tattoo with hot water​
While this may be a bit uncomfortable, it will not harm your new tattoo. Gently remove all blood to help prevent scabbing. Do not scrub your new tattoo - gentle pressure will be sufficient.​

Dry your tattoo​
Using a slightly moist and clean paper towel, gently dab your new tattoo dry and gently remove any solid pieces of blood, etc

Wash tattoo with a mild anti-bacterial soap and water
Again, do not scrub your new tattoo. Gently clean the area and rinse well

Dry the area around your new tattoo​
Allow the area of your new tattoo to air-dry. This should take about 15 - 20 minutes​

Apply Aquaphor Healing Ointment​

​Using very light pressure, gently apply a light coat of Aquaphor ointment. A small amount will do - too heavy of a coating of Aquaphor will only trap germs into your newly tattoed area.

Apply a clean bandage to your new tattoo
​Lightly re-bandage your tattoo and leave on over-night. In the morning, repeat the cleaning process.

Massage Aquaphor into your new tattoo
​Gently massage Aquaphor onto your new tattoo for a minute or two. It's ok to use a firmer touch than the day before. Massaging the tissue of your new tattoo will help increase circulation and speed the recovery period. *Note* only massage your new tattoo during the cleaning process when your new tattoo - and your hands - arecompletely clean.​

Do not re-bandage your tattoo
​Wear loose fitting clothes if needed, but allow your newly tattooed area to have air to speed healing.​

Repeat cleaning process 3 times a day
Clean your tattoo and gently massage in Aquaphor 3 times a day.